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Music Promotion Distribution Could Be Yours

Image announcing that Unsigned Only Music Contest is partnering with Play MPE.

Team Play MPE

June 14, 2023

If you are a DIY artist you have probably experienced a lot of frustration as you try to build your career momentum. This is true even if you have a team supporting you. The music industry is constantly changing and best practices are ever-evolving. The playlisting service that worked for you 2 years ago may no longer work. What works for Beyonce or Ariana Grande will likely not work for you, unless you have also casually amassed 300+ Million IG followers. You, like every other DIY artist, will have a lot of trial and error in your past and your future to figure out a strategy, and move with the times.

When facing this kind of uncertainty, we may have to search for something to rely upon. Perhaps something undeniably, eternally true, like Newton’s First Law of Motion: “a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.” 

This begs the question: How do I create an outside force, to gain some momentum?

One potential answer is to put your song in the path of some major players. You need to ask who has some major power to push your song along in its journey? That is why the Unsigned Only Music Competition was created! They know that some of the best songs in the world will come from relatively unknown artists. And they want to help those songs gain recognition, and gather speed. 

Unsigned Only entrants will be in the running for an International music promotion distribution package from Play MPE. We will be awarding the Grand Prize & Fandemonium Winners with International Music Promotion Campaigns!

Building our network

As the leading music promotion distribution and discovery platform on the planet, our missions are aligned with that of Unsigned Only. Industry experts from all over the globe have been using Play MPE for decades. They use it to put their new music in front of the industry’s tastemakers and decision-makers, Internationally. Even as the approach to music promotion has rapidly changed, those experts continue to utilize Play MPE over and over, as part of their release strategy. This is a testament to our tools’ effectiveness and staying power. 

Play MPE’s team is comprised of music industry experts who have dedicated their careers to understanding the music industry, and the promotion of a great song. Everyone from former major label VPs, big-time radio promotion execs, to music supervisors, media professionals, on-air radio personalities, and DIY artists! We understand the challenges you face and we are continually working to improve the tools we’ve created. Our objective is to increase your chances of being heard on a grand scale.

How Does Play MPE Work?

Play MPE consists of two coordinated applications. Caster was devised for anyone who wants to promote their music. Player is a musical library that conveniently showcases those same releases to verified tastemakers. 

Caster puts indie artists on the same playing field as top promoters and major labels. Artists can easily build and distribute promotion campaigns to industry tastemakers. Play MPE services a vast network of recipients with handpicked Packaged Lists to target specific music genres and formats. Everything from Alternative to Classical, Hip Hop to Pop, Top 40 to Tropical and many more. These recipients are the tastemakers and decision-makers who can add your song to rotation on the radio, sync your song in a hit TV series, or write about your song in a top publication, among other things. Talk about creating momentum!

Why do tastemakers use Play MPE?

Radio programmers and directors, music supervisors, curators, media, A&R, and Industry VIPs are the primary recipients in our network. With the huge influx of new music released every day, those recipients have a really difficult job. Play MPE has worked with them in tandem, to build a tool that supports their needs. We love making their lives easier! That’s why our clients swear by using Player.

The application is available via Web, iOS, and Android, and every release includes all the elements they need in order to do their jobs. They receive the latest music releases and catalog reissues, curated for their formats of choice. Music promotion blasts are sent to their email inbox, while simultaneously appearing in their Player account. Tastemakers can flag, stream, or download songs, and access all requirements in order to play songs on the air or in a film – such as ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes) and songwriter splits. 

Play MPE is Music Promoted Everywhere

With happy clients in over 100 countries, Play MPE’s beloved Packaged Lists span 6 continents. Long-standing clients include Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Entertainment, BMG, Big Machine, [PIAS], Curb I Word, Broken Bow, Sub Pop, Epitaph, Criteria, The Orchard, and many more. 

Don’t Wait to Win! 

If you are ready to start promoting your music, our top-notch Industry Relations team is ready to help!

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