Why Play MPE®?

Play MPE® is the music industry standard for digital delivery, the most widely used digital delivery system in North America. It's the preferred choice of music industry professionals, used by all four majors as well as thousands of independent labels.

Play MPE® delivers music to the relevant recipients of your choice. All recipients on our servicing lists are verified industry professionals. It also helps eliminate unauthorized leaks with our proprietary inaudible watermarking technology.

Play MPE® delivers broadcast quality HD audio, ensuring your music meets the highest standards for radio airplay. Play MPE® Player is integrated with most of the scheduling systems used by radio stations.

Play MPE® allows you to promote your artist with a rich multimedia experience (cover art, promotional photos, attachments, promotional info and metadata, links and more). It also offers multi-platform availability of your content to your recipients: Windows, Mac and iOS Players, as well as Direct-to-Web access from any major browser on any system.

Play MPE® is cost effective, it eliminates costs of physical production and distribution and offers indefinite hosting of your content.
Play MPE® is quick and easy to use. We can help you get your content to radio with a very short turnaround time.

Play MPE® offers reliability: redundant, fast servers located in various locations guarantee literally no downtime.
Play MPE® offers professional and high quality technical support for both you and your recipients with 24/7 toll free call center and email support.

What do I get?

  • Your music delivered to all relevant radio Program Directors and Music Directors.
  • Your music available to all Mediabase subscribers, directly from Mediabase charts.
  • Lists for most formats consist of Reporting stations, Indicators/Activators, Non-Reporting stations and VIPs.
  • Free additional lists like appropriate Canadian format lists, Mediabase and BDS staff etc.
  • Customizable email blast to all your recipients, subject to your input and approval. See some examples here.
  • Cover art, promotional photos, attachments (press releases, artist bios, one-sheets etc), metadata, and promotional copy are included with the release.
  • Reporting available for recipient activities such as stream, download, burn, and export.
  • Promotion on our Daily Play MPE® site and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How do I proceed?

All you need to do is fill in the form here. One of our label reps will contact you shortly and will be able to answer questions you may have.

You will also get the email with instructions on how to proceed if you wish to start setting up your delivery immediately.

Any questions?

Our representatives are available to assist you or answer any questions you may have. Contact us by email or call us toll-free: 1-866-992-9670 and dial ext. 481.


Prices displayed below are for a single track release (base price). Multipliers that apply to multi-track releases are:

Multi-version single (up to 3 tracks and no longer than 12 minutes): base price x1.25
Small bundle (up to 45 minutes): base price x1.5
Big bundle (more than 45 minutes): base price x2

All lists below are North American radio format lists and most include Monitored stations, Indicator/Activators, Non-Reporting stations and VIPs. Some formats also include format specific lists (examples: Triple A - FMQB Commercial Reporters and Non-Reporters, Country - Music Row and Texas Music Chart, Top 40/CHR - Morning Shows etc). We can also include appropriate Canadian Radio format lists at no additional cost.

Minimum price per release is $250.

Ask us about our international lists and pricing.

AC - $350
Active Rock - $300
Adult Hits - $150
Alternative - $300
Americana - $150
Christmas/Holiday - $400
Christian AC - $300
Christian Hot AC/CHR - $150
Christian Country - $150
Christian Gospel - $150
Christian Inspo - $150
Christian Praise and Worship - $150
Christian Rhythmic - $150
Christian Rock - $150
Christian Southern Gospel - $100

CANADA - $300
Classic Hits/Rock - $250
Classical - $100
College - $250
Country - $750
Country Monitored, Indicator & Activator Reporters - $500
Country - Music Row - $300
Dance - $100
Hot AC - $400
Jazz - $100
Label Reps - $100
Latin - $150
Mainstream Rock - $250

Metal - $100
Modern Rock Specialty Shows - $100
Non-commercial/NPR - $100
Rhythmic - $250
Rhythmic Mixshow - $300
Smooth Jazz - $150
Sports - $100
Talk - $100
Top 40/CHR - $450
Triple A - $300
Urban - $250
Urban AC - $200

Music Blogs - $250*
Music Supervisors & Licensing - $250*
*No multipliers for releases up to 90 minutes. 50% discount with radio lists (standard multipliers apply)