We’re Releasing A New Player: Here’s What You Should Know About It

You have a job to do—and that’s to quickly (and easily) discover the latest releases from today’s hottest artists and emerging acts. Our job is to make it happen. Enter the new generation of Play MPE Player applications.

Coming October 2019, you’ll be able to discover, stream, download and get your hands on even more metadata than you can shake a stick at.

Our new web and mobile Player applications, will replace native desktop applications. Why? Because you deserve to get even more releases quickly.

So, what do these new changes look like? Let’s check them out…

Out with the old, in with the better looking

Available anywhere, anytime, the Player you know and love will be accessible from any web browser and mobile device, and comes newly designed with a sleek new interface to display all of your releases.

Easily navigate from new release to custom playlists, flagged and archived releases and recently played tracks. You’ll also be able to see which tracks you’ve queued up from the ‘Up Next’ left navigation panel.

More than just a pretty face

Besides just offering a better looking Player, it comes loaded with features to make your music discovery and listening more enjoyable and efficient, too.

Build multiple playlists

Your needs are diverse. Maybe you’re managing multiple radio formats or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a specific artist. Whatever your needs may be, with the new Player you will be able to build as many playlists as you’d like to showcase the various tracks and formats you’ve discovered. Include descriptions to make it easier to jump back in to releases you’ve added to your playlists.

You’ll also be able to customize how your playlists appear in the player by re-arranging your playlists however you’d like.

More ways to find what you’re looking for

Can’t remember the name of a release? We get it. You’ve got tons of releases to discover and sometimes it’s not easy to remember every single one. Now with advanced searching capabilities, you’ll be able to search releases by format and geographic region in addition to searching by artist name, song title, release and label.

Get more details on the artists and releases that peak your interest

Get your hands on any even more unique metadata and release assets from the expanded release info screens. Click on a release to learn more about more the artist with complete bio’s, download album art, view song lyrics, and access beautifully-rendered promotional graphics.

Take the Player where you go

Not tied to a desk? No problem! The new mobile Player goes with you wherever you go. Releases streamed, your created playlists as well as flagged and archived tracks will automatically sync with your mobile Player app.

…Okay, that’s cool but what’s happening with the old Mac and PC desktop players?

Bringing you faster access to releases from the world’s largest record labels and up-and-coming artists means saying goodbye to our current suite of desktop apps.

To make transitioning from desktop to web easy, check out these helpful tips:

  • Using the current ‘Library’ feature? You can export your downloaded library of releases by exporting your songs to .wav and .mp3 files. To make sure you don’t lose any of your releases, simply follow these instructions. If you do not use the library feature, ignore this as your releases will still be playable and downloadable in the web player.

  • Apple recently announced its discontinuation of support for 32-bit applications, that means the old Mac Player will no longer be accessible (good thing you’ll have a new web player to use!) Don’t worry, the new web Player will be fully functional in Safari or any other browser of your choice. 

We’re excited to share the new player with everyone in just a few short weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the new player or how to make the transition from the old player to the new applications, get in touch with our support team.

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