An Interview with TriTone Asylum

Team Play MPE

July 13, 2022

If you’re a schooled musician, you probably know that the tritone was nicknamed ‘the Devil’s Interval’ because of its inherent tension. Think of The Simpsons’ opening credits, and you’ll have activated that tritone in your head! You’ll also probably get the gist of TriTone Asylum’s musical trajectory. The California-based group aims to create smart yet playful original jazz compositions that are both accessible and appealing to a more discerning musical ear. 

TriTone Asylum’s Phil Topping and Peter Sepsis recently sat down to speak with Play MPE’s David Gurtina to discuss their newest album The Hideaway Sessions (now available in Player!)

The conversation alternates between topics like how to choose your band, what makes for a great live jazz session, and their unorthodox use of the EVI (electronic valve instrument). They also speak to the evolution and creation of The Hideaway Sessions. According to Topping, “I like music that tells a story. We don’t want to write music that’s so complicated that you need to study harmony to understand it. The music has to have heart.” Sepsis concurs, “I try to make music that reflects the sounds of the street. That’s why we move between an Afro groove, then funk, then Latin. The sounds of the street are made by people in the diverse community that is Los Angeles. If I’m not moving people, I’m not doing my job.” 

Sit back and take in a chat from some of L.A.’s top jazz musicians.

TriTone Asylum appears at The Baked Potato in L.A. on Sunday July 31, 2022.


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