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Connect with one of our music industry relations reps to request a demo Caster.

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Track your radio airplay with MTR. Sign up is free, pay when you start tracking.

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Request access to become a verified tastemaker. Receive only that music you want.

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Promote music to top industry curators including radio programmers, media, bloggers, music supervisors and more across 6 continents. Sign up for Caster before June 6 to be eligible for early access & special benefits to track your radio spins with MTR


Play MPE Music Promotion

Put your music to work

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Verified tastemakers

Get your music into the ears of real decision-makers in radio, music supervision, media, music curation (retail, restaurants, airlines), blogs, A&R and more…

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Expand your reach

Whether you’re after radio play in Australia, press in the UK or want to be considered for sync placements by top music supervisors in Hollywood. Reach music industry professionals across 6 continents and expand your horizons!

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The radio formats & music genres you need

Whether your music is Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Metal, or genre-bending music… Don’t fret, our team of industry specialists can help curate the right targets based on your budget and goals!

Your best shot at getting your music heard

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Promote like the pros

Create music promotion campaigns with the same tools major labels and top promoters use. Many tastemakers only trust Play MPE to deliver their music. Don’t miss out on your chance to have your music heard.

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Be heard by verified tastemakers

Verified decision-makers in radio, music supervision, media, music curation, blogs, A&R and more around the world are always looking for the latest music in all music genres and formats. Make sure your music is in the mix!

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Grow your audience

Are you looking to reach a potential new fan base? Promote your music to industry pros in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Latin market and more…Who knows where your latest song could pop-off next!?

Headshot of Jenna Nation

Jenna Nation

Performer/Recording Artist, Pop/R&B

“If you are considering music distribution to radio, I highly recommend using Play MPE. In just my first two releases with them, my singles achieved Top 20 & Top 10 download status among all Canadian contemporary radio stations.”

Headshot of Rogelio Martinez

Rogelio Martinez

Musician/Artist, Latin/Regional Mexican

“I send all my music to all the programmers in the world through Play MPE.”

Headshot of Elaskia scaled


Singer/Songwriter, Pop

“Play MPE has been such an amazing platform for my music to connect with the right people. It is so helpful knowing my songs are being delivered straight into the hands of industry professionals!”

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Give your artists a real chance to shine

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Music promotion tool the majors use

Tastemakers don’t have time to chase down missing information, or to ask for the correct music files. Promote your music with Play MPE to ensure that everything a tastemaker needs is at their fingertips.

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Target your market

Get your artists heard by industry professionals in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Latin Market and more. Target music promotions that reach decision-makers looking to discover the latest release in Pop, Altenative, Jazz, Hip Hop, Metal, Christian, Classical, Comedy, Country… and more.

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See who's checking your campaign

Save a ton of time and guesswork! Why cold call when you can see who is opening your promo emails and streaming and/or downloading your release. Music promotion is way more efficient when you can see who might be interested in turning that initial stream into airplay, a sync license, press coverage or more!

Lili Huang headshot

Lili Huang

Radio Promoter, Terrorbird

“Play MPE is the most VITAL tool in reaching music industry professionals with the latest music in a convenient manner. There’s NO BETTER WAY to send along high-quality audio files to everyone I’d like to reach than through this system!”

Crystal Ann Lea headshot

Crystal Ann Lea

M:M Music – EVP of Non-Commercial
Radio Promotion

“The Play MPE server and lists are infinitely vast, they’re also the industry standard. Using Play MPE sends a clear message to programmers that we are serious and this is a priority.”

Russell Thomas headshot

Russell Thomas

Independent Radio Promotion,
KAOS Management

“Getting your songs in the hands of the right programmers is an art form. Play MPE is a music business necessity for my company as it allows the songs I represent to get into the right hands and that gives them the chance to ‘be heard’.”

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The industry standard for music promotion

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Global music promotion management, made easy

For larger labels, efficiency is everything, so we streamlined the business of music promotion. From bulk metadata entry, distribution list management, impact /take-down dates, access & permissions, to secure sharing – this music promotion distribution tool has it all.

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Targeted release rollouts

Take international music promotion to another level. Our industry specialists can help curate a campaign that’s right for you.Target the right tastemakers no matter what your music genre or format. Whether your goal is radio play, media, sync placements or anything in between. We have a list for that!

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Security & watermarking

Major labels and Indies alike can rest easy when they share releases with promotion teams because all music files are protected by encryption and watermarking. (Read: Play MPE – Music Protected by Encryption!) Yeah we did!

Bryan Corona headshot

Brian Corona

Director, Adult Radio Promotion,
Atlantic Records

“Play MPE is the music industry standard. Their comprehensive lists are a huge component of the go-to partnership tool to reach the radio world, to make a difference. Thank you Play MPE.”

Ali Matkosky headshot

Ali Matkosky

Director, National Promotion, Big Loud

“I have been working with Play MPE to distribute singles to various formats for over 10 years. In an ever-changing industry, they have remained consistent with top-notch customer service, readily available support staff, and an efficient platform. Here’s to another 10 years!”

David Jacobs headshot

David Jacobs

West Coast GM, VP Radio Promotion,

“Play MPE is easy to use, efficient, and an absolute necessity to service & promote my music to radio partners. The team is incredibly communicative and great to work with as well!”

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Top labels and promoters dig it, now it’s your turn!

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