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We’re Releasing A New Player: Here’s What You Should Know About It

You have a job to do—and that’s to quickly (and easily) discover the latest releases from today’s hottest artists and emerging acts. Our job is to make it happen. Enter the new generation of Play MPE Player applications. Coming October … Read More

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How To Become A Successful Independent Artist

Beyond talent and songwriting chops, carving out a career as a successful independent artist requires unrelenting dedication. You are a small business – pure and simple. Your understanding of the music business, networking skills, marketing savviness, and your ability to … Read More

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Radio as a Social Force

‘Local conversation and local culture isn’t disappearing necessarily just because we have a world that’s more connected. In fact I think it allows some subcultures to blossom a bit more and for local conversations to have even more power and … Read More

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From Physical to Digital: How Jazz is Evolving with Play MPE

Distilling and defining the impact of Jazz is a smidge like tackling the proof of a higher power or defining irony. Broad in scope, yet uniquely recognizable, you know it when you hear it but are likely hard-pressed to synthesize … Read More

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