To improve in-app workflows, and in-turn make meaningful improvements to our app, we really have to understand our users. What makes them tick and how they do their jobs, in other words, knowing the in’s and out’s of their daily workflow.   

Over the past year, we spoke with hundreds of users – from music supervisors looking for content for TV and film, to music directors curating content for their radio shows – to gather feedback on how they use Play MPE and what they wish it could do. 

We understand the importance of being able to discover new releases quickly. However, making that possible from an easy-to-navigate, intuitive system posed its challenges. We had to think about how we could make accessing and navigating through our apps easy and readily available to all wherever they are.  

Introducing the new PlayMPE Player!

Fast, intuitive and easily accessible the new Play MPE web Player allows tastemakers worldwide view their releases via a completely redesigned user interface, access content metadata and download tracks from virtually anywhere. 

The new customizable player meant that we could provide users with a completely fresh and updated experience. By adding features like custom playlists creation, tastemakers could keep track of releases they are interested in. The ability to flag and archive content provides the flexibility to keep a tally of releases and to jump back to whenever they wanted. 

Of course, those were just a few additions that we knew our users would love but what we knew was missing from our old apps, and needed to provide an additional business value, was advanced search. We knew that this feature had to be carefully designed to meet the high expectations and align with the daily needs and workflows of our users. The new and improved search functions we’ve built into the app makes finding content simple. With type-ahead functionality, music professionals can now find content using a plethora of search criteria like looking up content by label, artist, release and market. 

Using advanced search filters, users can take their search one step further to find releases by format or even geographic market. 

This is just the beginning! Many new features will be added shortly. We will keep you posted about the new capabilities and are always here to answer any question or concern you may have. 

Watch our webinar where we announce the new web Play MPE Player and give you a grand tour. 

Want to see for yourself ? Visit from any web browser. 

We’re excited to hear what you think! Drop us a line at or use the chat on this page.