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Optimizing Music Metadata for Promotion and Discovery

Team Play MPE

February 1, 2024

We recently launched a simple, yet, integral update to the Play MPE platform to optimize music promotion distribution and discovery. We’ve enhanced our music promotion tool Caster, with extra metadata fields, to make releases even more discoverable by Tastemakers. On the flip side, we’ve also improved our music discovery tool Player, by adding additional filter options in search, as well as, upgraded the sorting tool. These improvements serve to help tastemakers get to the releases they are after, faster. 

Enhancing Music Promotion for artists, promoters, managers and record labels with Caster

If you are already a Caster user, then the next time you log into your account to create a release, you will notice a new option within the Release Overview. In the Files and Metadata section, you will now be asked to select a Release Type: Single, EP, or Album. The Song Version field, which is located in the Track information overview, has also been updated. This is where you can specify what version your track is. Such as: radio edit, album version, hook, liner, club mix and more. We highly recommend taking advantage of these new metadata fields, so your releases are easier for Tastemakers to hone in on!

If you are unfamiliar with Caster, and want to promote your music like the pros, you can learn more and request a 1:1 consultation with one of our industry relations reps, here

Metadata is key to optimizing music promotion

Metadata isn’t the most exciting part of the release creation & promotion process – but it’s a super important piece of the puzzle. It can be really beneficial to spend that little extra bit of time, to fill in every field. For professional music industry tastemakers, metadata is essential. 

Tastemakers discovering music in Play MPE’s industry leading Player, were already able to search for releases by Genre, Lists, and Markets. These additional fields in Caster allow decision-makers to customize their search filters in Player even more. 

Help music industry tastemakers discover to your release faster

Music industry professionals may have different priorities at different times. Filling in these additional fields of crucial metadata, gives them more ways to find your music amongst all of the latest releases. By not skipping these steps, you are helping yourself by helping tastemakers. Caster and Player are two sides within a symbiotic platform which powers music promotion and discovery. 

Advanced music discovery for radio programmers, curators, media and more in Player

Are you a professional music industry tastemaker in radio, media, A&R, curation or music supervision? Well, this latest update to Player can help you make your day even easier!

If you haven’t been verified by Play MPE and given access to your Player account yet, you can learn more and request access here.

Discover new music faster with advanced Search

Our talented team has made yet another significant update to Player, which we hope music industry decision-makers will find useful in their day-to-day music discovery process! If you are already a verified industry tastemaker, the next time you log into your Player account, you will notice there are more options for filtering search. 

You are probably already used to being able to search by Formats and Markets. However, now you can fine-tune Filters, further! A recent update to Play MPE’s music promotion distribution tool Caster, included additional input fields to facilitate more robust metadata in releases.

Find the latest releases and catalog efficiently

Not only can you filter by Genre, List and Market (if applicable), you can now get closer to the music you want by searching by Song version. This allows you to spend less time sifting through releases, and more time discovering exactly what works for your needs. Whether you typically want just the radio edit, are in need of Liners, or simply want only Album versions. The Song version drop down too can help you streamline how you get to the goods.  

When you narrow your search by Release type you can get to the music you need, much faster. Whether you typically want singles, EPs or full albums, adding this search filter means you can hone in on precisely what you are after. Especially when used in combination with the Song version selector. When receiving fresh releases daily, this can be a real time saver. 

Combine multiple filters for targeted discovery, and sort for trends

When narrowing down your search, you can select options in Filters including Genre (f.k.a. Formats), Lists, Markets, Song version, and Release type to calibrate your preferences. These functions are malleable and can be adjusted anytime you need to switch things up. This is great for hunting down the perfect song or multiple options similar to what you are looking for. Now you can further hone in on the releases you want by combining these added Filters along with the newly updated Sort function. Before you were able to sort by Newest (release date), but with this update you’ll never miss out on a hit, because you will also be able to see what your industry peers are downloading the most. Sorting by Popular shows you the releases which have been trending the most in the last 30 days. Want the most popular releases from the Alternative US list specifically? Perhaps you only want to see singles with radio edits? Well, this is how you can zero in on your priorities 

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