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Get your releases in front of thousands of tastemakers using Play MPE to discover new music.

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Custom templates makes it easy for you to share your music with the world. Simple drag-and-drop tools lets you add custom album art, video links, tour dates, artist bio’s and more to any release.

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Reach Music’s Top Tastemakers

With over 150,000 tastemakers using Play MPE to discover new music, your releases can be heard around the world. See who’s opened, streamed and downloaded your music with useful insights from your reporting dashboard.

Build multi or single track releases

Take control of how to promote your music. Create a single track release to tease your audience with your sound, or build multi track releases to showcase your roster of hits.

“Play MPE is my first stop to find quality newcomers and the latest tracks from established artists.”

Karah Leigh

Music Director, KTBZ/The Buzz (iHeartMedia)

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