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Attract radio, record labels, media and talent buyers

Jonathan Papan

February 6, 2024

How to get the attention of music industry professionals in radio, A&R, music media, and more

Whether you are aiming to ink a deal with a major label, secure radio airplay for your latest track, get media attention or entice venues and show promoters to book your musical project, most industry professionals have almost identical criteria when deciding to work with an artist. While having a captivating sound that resonates with audiences is a key component, your music alone won’t be enough to get their attention.

To be an artist today is to be a packaged deal. If you want to know how to attract radio, record labels, media, and more. Your sound, visuals, professionalism, and overall brand needs to, not only be on point but delivered in a way that captivates the consumer. Industry big-wigs need to know that they are bac`king an artist who takes their career seriously and understands how to capitalize on professional support to generate public attention and affection.

This article will break down exactly what you’ll need, and how to attract record labels, radio, and promoters.

Get the attention of radio with high-quality recordings

Unless you are a lo-fi or acoustic-folk artist, trying to get signed with self-released albums you recorded in your bedroom aren’t going to cut it. As a musical artist, investing in the quality of your music is pivotal. If your recordings aren’t good, everything else falls apart. Though it is an investment, collaborating with the producer in a quality studio can completely change your song, often for the better. Their additional perspective and expertise can elevate your song. Working alongside a producer offers invaluable insight, refining your sound, and guiding your music to reach its utmost potential. 

There’s a certain polish to a well-recorded studio track that you just won’t find in self-made or cheaply done recordings. And unless the raw, DIY style thing is specifically part of your sound and brand, industry professionals will look at your hit single like a demo and not take it as seriously. 

Attract media with a biography that tells a story

When reaching out to labels, promoters and radio, it’s important to know that your story is not simply a 5000-word essay detailing everything that has happened in your life. It’s not where you were born, who your best friends were in high school or that you are totally team pineapple-on-pizza. Although your past can have an impact on your artistic narrative, industry people want to know who you are beneath the surface.

Your story makes your journey more than just music notes and lyrics. It’s that narrative woven through your music, your experiences, and your vibe. Your story is what makes you more than just another artist—it’s what gives your music depth, resonance, and that integral connective tissue with your audience. 

So what is your story? Think about the things you write about. The things that make you feel the strongest emotions. The things you stand for. This is what your biography should reflect. Whether you write about heartbreaks like Taylor Swift or fighting political regimes like Rage Against the Machine, your story is the magic ingredient that turns a melody into an anthem and lyrics into a conversation with your listeners.

That being said, don’t be afraid to sneak in some accomplishments you’ve had as an artist in your bio as well. Tying in big festival performances, viral video achievements, and things of that nature are valuable to add as a bonus to your biography.

Clearly define a recognizable brand that attracts record labels

Whether you think so or not, you have a brand. Everything you post on social media is a representation of your brand. Even not posting at all, in a way, can technically be seen as part of your brand (though we would not recommend refraining from socials in today’s demographic). 

Your sound, your look, your lyrics and your overall vibe all fit into boxes that attract certain aspects of your audience. Your brand is an extension of your story and crafting your unique brand as an artist is like painting your canvas in vibrant, personalized hues. 

Start by honing in on what makes you different. Dive deep into your music, your personality, and your story—these elements are the raw materials for your brand’s construction. Define your sound meticulously; it’s the heartbeat of your brand. Explore what makes your music distinct, whether it’s your lyrical style, or sonic experimentation or your live experience.

Then, delve into your visual identity. Your look—be it fashion, artwork, or stage presence—is a canvas to express your artistic vision. Let it complement your sound and echo your vibes. And don’t forget the storytelling. Craft narratives that echo your journey, struggles, and victories. Your story intertwines with your music, forming the soul of your brand. Finally, stay consistent. Your brand is an ongoing conversation. It’s about creating a cohesive, authentic experience across everything you do—social media, live performances, and even interactions with your fans. Embrace your uniqueness, stay true to your narrative, and watch your brand carve its special place in the hearts of your audience.

Include high-quality promo photos

Having high-quality photos as an artist isn’t just about capturing a moment; it’s about encapsulating your essence in a single frame. These visuals introduce your persona before the music even starts. They’re not just pixels; they’re a visual symphony that harmonizes with your sound, your vibe, and your brand. Quality photos represent more than just your appearance; they’re windows into your artistry, offering a glimpse into your creativity, personality, and the story behind your music.

Strong photos that represent you are more important than they seem. They give industry professionals a glimpse into your world. Your main promotional photo is oftentimes the first piece of media anyone will see of you. You need to make sure it makes a good first impression and gives people an idea of what you sound like. If they like what they see, then they will be more intrigued to take the next step and listen.

Create a lot of content, content, content

Content is king and there’s no sign of slowing down. Having high-quality photos and entertaining, insightful, or endearing video content is vital in today’s demographic. The stronger your online presence, the more labels, radio, and agents will have to sink their teeth into when learning about your project. The more you create, the more opportunities you have to make something that will interest them.

We know that content creation can be a drag. Most artists just want to focus on the music. Although a small few artists can get away with being some kind of musical enigma, the vast majority of us must now rely on content to get our brand, story, and personality across. 

Don’t see it as a negative, though. See it as a way to build deeper, more intimate connections with your fans and garner their support. 

Just make sure that when it comes to content, it’s something that speaks to you. Regardless of what content you make, whether it be insightful, inspirational, educational, or entertaining, make sure it’s something that speaks to who you are as an artist and that you enjoy creating. 

Promote your music to industry professionals

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