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Connect with one of our music industry relations reps to request a demo Caster.

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Track your radio airplay with MTR. Sign up is free, pay when you start tracking.

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Request access to become a verified curator and join the Player community.

Promote music to verified music industry curators

Promote music to verified industry curators in radio, media, blogs, music supervision and more. Promote music like the pros with Caster and then track radio airplay with MTR.


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Promote music to verified curators

Create and distribute music promotions with the leading tool trusted by major labels and top promoters. Send releases to verified industry curators across 6 continents. 

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Verified music curators

Promote releases directly to verified music industry professionals in radio, music supervision, media, blogs, curation (retail, restaurants, airlines), and more.

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Music markets

Music industry curators are actively discovering music across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Latin America, South Africa and more. International bundles available. 

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Formats & Genres

Target curators seeking releases in specific formats. From Pop to Classical, Alternative to Rap, Metal to Tropical. Plus open formats like NonComm, College, and Community! 

Artists, Promoters & Record Labels 
promote music to radio, media, film/TV and more

Indie Artists Promote with Play MPE


Create and distribute professional music promotions to verified curators who are actively seeking releases in your music genre(s) and formats. Play MPE’s curated distribution lists get your release to music industry professionals actively seeking content in radio, media, music supervision, blogs, retail, restaurants, and more. Send your release to music curators across 6 continents. You can target specific markets a la carte, or go wide with an International bundle.

Promoters distribute with Caster


Play MPE’s vast distribution lists are verified, regularly audited and span 6 continents. Easily target promotions by music format per market. Whether you are promoting to multiple genres and formats – Caster’s distribution packages have you covered. Save of time by viewing engagement reports per release, know which contacts are engaging by streams, downloads, opens and clicks! No more cold calls. Prioritize follow-ups based on data.

Record Labels Promote with Caster

Record Labels

Take advantage of a streamlined workflow with bulk metadata entry, release sharing, contact management, quick share, assets that never expire, and more.  Ensure any sensitive content is protected (encryption/watermarking). Set impact/take-down dates, and customize release permissions when sharing to subsidiaries. Promote releases within target markets and/or share releases with subsidiaries in other territories. Caster is a scalable promotion solution.

How it works

Setting up a release is easy. Upload music files, input metadata, add promo assets,
and select distribution packages (starting at $250). International bundles and a la carte lists available.

Caster Step 1 Upload

Step 1: Upload

Upload mastered broadcast ready song files (WAV/AIFF) and artwork. Input release information and metadata. Select release type, song version(s) (radio edit, clean, explicit, instrumental etc) and music genre. Set permissions to enable curators to contact you.  

Caster Step 2 Promote

Step 2: Promote

Input promo information,  attach assets and set an impact date. Create a catchy subject line for your promotional email. Include a press release, contact information, attach promo photos, artist bio and additional assets (up to 5). Each release includes 2 resends which can be updated with new buzz.

Caster Step 3 Distribute

Step 3: Distribute

Select packages for the promotional email and distribution of your release to curators. Select lists a la carte by market and format or go wider with International Bundles. Target radio, media, and industry VIPs. Add on music supervisors, bloggers and curators in retail, restaurants and airlines.  

MTR Step 4 Track

Step 4: Track

After you set up a music promotion, make sure to sign into MTR to track your airplay. All Caster users are automatically set up with an account. Just sign in with your Caster credentials, upload song files, select a tracking plan and MTR will start tracking  your spins. 

Ditch sending 1000+ cold emails to radio stations & instead use Play MPE. It will save you so much time, money, effort and be WAY more effective.

Sally Dige

Artist, AAA/Non-Comm

Play MPE is a fantastic partner for us in distributing our music to all the right clients. They are always ready and willing to help me when I have questions or need assistance, and they strive to ensure I am happy with the results.

Michael Starr

Sr Director National Promotion - Triple A, Non Comm, Alternative, Glassnote Records

Getting your songs in the hands of the right programmers is an art form. Play MPE is a music business necessity for my company as it allows the songs I represent to get into the right hands and that gives them the chance to be heard

Russell Thomas

KAOS Management , Independent Radio Promotion

Promote music and track your spins