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BBC Music Launches in the United States

BBC Music has announced its launch of BBC Music stateside, the online hub for the BBC’s original music reporting across radio, digital and TV.  This amounts to the unveiling of a musical treasure trove previously unavailable to those outside the … Read More

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Things to Consider When Choosing A Music Promotion and Delivery Service

As an artist your primary job is to make music. The goal of the team around you is to promote your music to the largest audience possible. Partnering with a music promotion and delivery service is critical to achieving that goal, but … Read More

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How to Promote Music to Radio

Freddie Mercury captured the essence of radio best—by the catchiest vocal hook in a decade (you’re radio goo-gooing and radio gaga-ing as you read this, naturally), but also by the prescient “You had your time, you had the power.  You’ve … Read More

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Enhancing the Music Programming Experience: Nielsen Music Receives Boost from Play MPE Integration

We believe that the music programming experience can only be made better by continuing to enhance the services available to programmers. Our focus has been to continue to bring those enhancements to the radio community. Today, we’re excited to announce … Read More

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